The book traces the work made during the residency at the Cité internationale des arts (Paris, FR), from January to March 2020. Contretemps is formatted as a large visual diary that gathers notes, references, studies, photographic essays and much of the body of work that constitutes Contretemps' research, which is developed in collages, artist's books, works on paper, interventions, photographic murals, installations, sculptures, objects, sound archives and performance.

    140x210 mm, 288 pages. Portuguese/French.
    Published by zero-Editions.
    ISBN: 978-65-991687-2-7.

Everything and nothing (2020)
A compilation of illustrations developed during the COVID-19 quarantine, between the months of March and April 2020, in Brazil. For the creation of this series, various images were digitally transformed into lines, strokes, and then reorganized and recontextualized. The work developed with these automated drawings generated two publications that are now compiled in this book, which works both as an artist's book and as a chaotic coloring book.

    140x210 mm, 200 pages. English.
    Published by zero-Editions.
    ISBN: 978-65-991687-0-3.

A literary and visual experiment developed between December 2018 and May 2019, through exercises/research of creative/non-creative writing and appropriation, using as starting point works of diverse authors for the free creation of short stories, aphorisms, visual poetry and other textual experiments. A publication of interrupted narratives, processes of writing without beginning and without end, like a patchwork, like a great collage where the raw material are the words. This work was born as a reaction to the turbulent period of presidential elections in Brazil, in which part of the population elected a president whose project is the destruction of the country (which was confirmed in the years that followed).

    140x210 mm, 200 pages. Portuguese.
    Published by zero-Editions.
    ISBN: 978-65-991687-1-0.