VVVoyeur is a video series of virtual travels  that took place in an alternate version of Google Street View between 2021 and 2022. The VVVoyeur photobook is constructed through a selection of images taken from each of the twenty episodes that make up the project. From these trips we navigate through the controversies surrounding the vvvoyeur_2022

Contretemps is a project developed by visual artist Romeu Silveira during his residency at the Cité internationale des arts, in Paris (FR), between January and March 2020. The book is an inventory of events and images that collide and affect each other within a montage based on the overlapping of temporalities and senses. It is a contretemps_2021

Unportraits is an collection of anonymous portraits captured by Google Street View’s cold and impersonal camera. The series is dedicated to non-portraits of Brazilians. The images are presented here in a saturated manner, a counterpoint to the coldness of the images found on the platform. Most of the images circulating today are produced by computer unportraits_2021