“Its creative process stands out for its appropriation and decontextualization, whether for the search for new narrative forms, either through the practice of disassembling and rearranging photographic images.His mnemonic arsenal dates back tochildhood, when he began to produce the first notebooks of collages. Son of a seamstress mother, accustomed to make reform and customization of clothes, and a father who travelled the state with clothing catalogs, the boy learned to pan, cut and reassemble. Above all, through images and printed words, learned to transit accumulating more than collecting, shifting and compacting in a combination of chaos and precision.”

Rosangela Cherem, curator and art researcher,
in the occasion of the French Alliance Contemporary Art Prize 2019


2020 Acrescenter o que lhe falta para preencher, Crivo Coletivo, Itajaí, SC
2020 Virtual Open Studio / Lauréats du Institut Français
2020 Contretemps / Livestream / Cité Internationale des arts, Paris, FR
2019 Prêmio Aliança Francesa de Arte Contemporânea, Fundação Badesc, Florianópolis, SC.
2019 Estudos de Abstração, Galeria Dinyz Domingos, Itajaí, SC.
2019 Arte Postal – Parque Longe, Feira Tijuana, Rio de Janeiro, RJ.
2018 ExpoArte, Voraz Galeria, Itajaí, SC.
2018 18° Projeto Armazém, Espaço Cultural Armazém - Coletivo Elza, Florianópolis, SC.
2018 Vesícula, Espaço Breu, São Paulo, SP.
2018 17° Projeto Armazém, Casa da Cultura Dide Brandão, Itajaí, SC.
2018 Printemps Haussmann, Paris, FR.
2013 Exposição HotSpot, Gasômetro, Porto Alegre, RS.
2011 Recorte e Cole, Cartel 011, São Paulo, SP.


2020 Contretemps
2020 Everything and nothing
2019 Ruínas


2020 Cité internationale des arts, Paris, FR
2013 Tanque de Ideias. Prêmio Hot Spot, Universidade Anhembi-Morumbi, São Paulo, SP.


2019 Prêmio Aliança Francesa de Arte Contemporânea, Florianópolis, SC
2013 Finalist / Prêmio HotSpot, São Paulo, SP.