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Contretemps is an inventory of events and images that collide and affect each other within a montage based on the overlapping of temporalities and senses. It is a visual diary produced in the tension of a world that was about to close and change completely because of the pandemic. It is a research that takes contretemps_2021_visual_diary

“Contretemps is a frenetic visual experience of a South American artist arriving in Paris only to see it shut down by COVID-19, left to process his anxiety while exploring the traces of the city still left open. His work exudes energy and feels like a restless, romantic idealist trying to figure out what the fuck contretemps-book-2021

With the book of the same name by James Joyce in mind, in this series the artist begins a process of folding a portrait of himself as a teenager. The collages are ephemeral, made directly on the surface of the scanner screen and what remains are digital copies of each fold in the image.

These compositions present two narratives: one fragmented, where shards of images reveal and at the same time confuse what is actually happening, and the other linear, assembled from frames of a video recorded in the city streets. These two narrative movements turn this series into a walk, a journey where each step awakens and brings carrousel-2020-2022

Le temps retrouvé (referring to the book that closes Proust’s In Search of Lost Time series) is a collection of photographs of details of paintings captured during the residency during various visits to museums and art galleries. The images were printed and then installed as a mural in the studio, thus creating a single image, le temps retrouvé, 2020

Redux/Recollages is a series of collages made with leftover images and print proofs from the book Contretemps published in 2021. These collages were developed throughout the process of editing the book and were condensed into a zine for the occasion of the release of the film Contretemps or attempts to sell out a place in contre_collage_1_home

This small publication presents the texts of the subtitles for the film Contretemps or Attempts to exhaust a place in Paris (2023). The film’s subtitles are a collage of excerpts from authors such as Georges Perec, Walter Benjamin, Georges Didi-Huberman, Thomas Mann, James Joyce, Gilles Deleuze, Marcel Proust, Pierre Reverdy and others.

Contretemps or attempts to exhaust a place in Paris (2023). Inspired by the book written by Georges Perec, this experimental film-diary was assembled as a walk, a train ride, a compilation of observations and references of the process developed during the residency, which originated the book Contretemps. This film was screened for the first time contratempo ou tentativas de esgotamento de um lugar em paris 2023